Sundries & Others

As an absolute printing supplier, Lithochem Sdn Bhd also provide necessary printing sundries like spray powder, silicone spray, anti-drying spray, binding glue, wash cloth roll, sponge and many more.

Sundries & Others:

  • Sakurai Spray Powder
  • Silicone Spray
  • Anti-Drying Spray
  • Positive/Negative Corrector
  • Positive Double Ended Deletion Pen
  • Underlay Packing Paper
  • Ink Duct Foil
  • Nylon Sleeve & Cotton Sleeve
  • Wash Cloth
  • Laser Film
  • Toyo Lubricating Grease, Lubricant Oil & Aerosol

Printing Management Software

  • Quote & Print MIS/ERP Software
  • Pressero Web-to-Print B2C & B2B E-commerce Portals


  • Digi UV Coater
  • Digi Binder
  • Digi Caser

Kisun is a leading Korean manufacturer and the supplier of post-digital press and finishing equipment. They continuously working hard in research and development to optimise application for all digital press, offset printing as well as photo printing.